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Q: in to lớn affirm a priority of the state”s obligation to lớn respect over its obligation to protect,… tức là gì?

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A: To affirm that the respecting the rights of others is more important than protecting your personal rights under the law. Let me know if you need more help. to affirm a priority of the state”s obligation khổng lồ respect,over (lớn make it more important than) its obligation to lớn protectA:Affirm means you are stating it as a fact. Assert can refer to lớn facts and beliefs, yet you can stating it confidently. Allege has no proof, your just claiming it. Hope this helps.A:Affirm is lượt thích 確認Assure is lượt thích when someone tells you khổng lồ 安心して & relax.Guarantee means (usually and generally speaking) they have sầu tested & proven/ are sure of themselvesBasically, a guarantee is their assurance khổng lồ you.

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For example, someone says “I guarantee I will protect you”. They are assuring you that they will protect you. Take it lượt thích a svào size of assurance. Lastly for “insure”, you generally only use this word when you are talking about insurance 保険If you say, “Don”t worry, I will insure your car”, people will understand it as “I will pay some of your cost of repairs if your car suffers any damage” (of course, depends on the insurance policy)A:affirm is when you are saying something that is true in a confident way. confirm is when you just say something that is true or correct without a need lớn express it in a confident way or tone

A:Sure.”I affirmed my beliefs.” (They are you beliefs so you would be in favor of them.)”We affirmed his agreement.” (We confirmed and support his agreement.)”The country affirmed the alliance.” (The country confirmed the alliance and is in support of it.”Q:This group generally do well in IQ kiểm tra, scoring 12-15 points above the mean value of 100, and have contributed uncountably to the intellectual and cultural life of the West, as the FORTUNES of their elites, including several world-renowned scientists, affirm. Isn”t “fortunes” a bit weird here? là 1 căn nguyên nhằm người dùng Bàn bạc kiến thức và kỹ năng của bản thân về những ngôn từ cùng nền văn hóa không giống nhau. Chúng tôi thiết yếu bảo vệ rằng toàn bộ những câu vấn đáp rất nhiều đúng mực 100%.

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