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AMANOTES ( - Our young and exciting start-up brings music to life in a special way through mobile application and games. We are small but we dream big, and we are looking for a mobile marketing specialist/manager who dares to be on this journey with us. We don’t have marketing department before but now we’re growing and it’s time to get a marketing department started with YOU, someone who can join us and accelerate our growth in terms of marketing while ensures sustainable development. Our portfolio:

- Chạy Cùng Nốt Nhạc:

- Tap Challenge:

- Piano Challenge 2:

- Magic Touch:

Mobile Unity Developer (Intership/Fulltime)

2D Artist (Beginner/Fulltime) (Senior/Parttime)

Marketing Specialist (Fulltime)

Why we need you?

People may have different languages but there is one universal language that all races, genders, nationalities share - music. AMANOTES is an innovative start-up project formed by a group of music lovers or, to be more exact, music maniac individuals who are ambitious to deliver this universal language in a special way. We envision our products to save the world from being boring.

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In doing so, we need a full-stack mobile senior developers who leads this revolution.

Job Description

1. For Unity Dev :

- You will work in either our innovative internal projects or in our exciting outsourcing projects with Japanese and American clients.

- You will be working within team of young and motivated developers on projects ranging from music games/apps to merchant applications (iOS/Android/Unity) with high amount of creativity.

2. For 2D Artist :

- Working closely with the art and design teams, the 2D Artist will create concept art, and 2D graphics for games as well as assets for menus, icons and in-game HUDs, in addition to ensuring upcoming titles" usability by designing intuitive, attractive and innovative UI systems.

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Amanotes is searching for talented and skilled 2D/UI Designer to work on creation and improving of design styles and UI-UX for Mobile games.

- Generation of art and images for games: concept art & final assets

- Design, implementation and optimization of Menu and UI assets for mobile platform.

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- Understanding the input capabilities of the targeted platforms and using them to full effect

- Being a partner for the whole of the creation team in establishing ergonomics and usage design and guidelines

3. For Marketing Specialist :

- Being the first one in charge of marketing, you will work directly with CEO to establish marketing strategies and tactics

- Promote our portfolio of music games and applications to audiences in the most creative way. Yes, we don’t have big bucks for marketing so that’s the challenge and opportunities for you to make every cent count. Beside dollars, sky is the limit ;)

- Work in a very creative, active agile startup environment

- Save the world from being boring ·

- Know what’s it like to work in a startup ·

- App Store Optimization ·

- Ads Campaign (Facebook/Google)

- Social Marketing (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube)

Requirement :

1. For Unity Developer :

- No experience required, but experience with Unity2D is a plus ·

- Like programming with Unity2D or other cross-platform engine ·

- Proven past experience in making 2D mobile games/apps is a plus ·

- Proficient in C# ·

- Experience with 1 of game engines such as Unity, Cocos2D, Corona is a plus ·

- You enjoy working in a startup environment featured with high level of uncertainty ·

- You have a big passion for success and are motivated to go extra miles for it ·

- You know that “If you want to go far, go together” and you enjoy teamwork ·

- Experience with software development process Agile/Scrum is a plus ·

- Passion in music is a plus ·

- Passion in mobile game is a plus

2. For 2D Artist :

- ( Beginner) Have at least 1 year experience and (Senior) 2 years experience

- Proven understanding of UI design ergonomics and aesthetics

- Must possess strong illustration skills, sophisticated design and typographic sensibilities

- Strong Photoshop skills

- High-res, mobile platform specialist or experience

- Motion Graphics experience a plus

- Must provide a solid and consistent body of relevant illustration and graphic design work

- Interactive Entertainment Industry Experience an asset

- Must possess strong interpersonal skills in order to communicate effectively

- Task driven, self-motivated, and proactive

- Works well under deadline pressure

- Must possess an enormous passion for games and excited about making casual games in particular.

3. For Marketing Specialist :

- Data driven: you are comfortable with working with number and are able to back up your decision with data ·

- Experience: Mobile marketing experience (ASO/Ads Campaign/Social Marketing) is a plus otherwise passion in mobile marketing is still enough ·

- You enjoy working in a startup environment featured with high level of uncertainty ·

- You have a big passion for success and are motivated to go extra miles for it, yes, including working over 8 hours per day ·

- Good command of English ·

- Music lover is preferred. Hey our company band still needs one more singer and a Cajon player


1. For Unity Developer :

- Truly startup spirit: NO bureaucracy, NO hierarchy. AMANOTERs are all leaders of themselves and their work. ·

- Salary: 300-500 USD ·

- Incentives based on company profit ·

- Stock option

2. For 2D Artist :

- Salary: 350 USD for Beginner , 500 USD for Senior

3. For Marketing Specialist :

- Truly startup spirit: NO bureaucracy, NO hierarchy. Each of us is a note in a music sheet ·