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A new digital innovation award is aimed at truyền thông that uses the latest công nghệ to lớn make an improvement in delivery of news services.
an award for sth A recently launched advertising agency got an award for best kinh doanh campaign of 2009.
accept/receive/win an award The airline received an environmental award for work relating khổng lồ carbon-emissions reduction.
give/make/present an award We have sầu no hesitation in giving an award khổng lồ this interesting example of large-scale urban regeneration.

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a sum of money that a court of law decides is owed by a company, organization, or person khổng lồ someone they have sầu treated unfairly, injured in an accident, etc.:
make/uphold/grant an award An award for continuing cost of care for survivors of the crash was upheld by the Court of Appeal.
compensation/compensatory/damage(s) award The rail company challenged the compensation payout, claiming that the damages award was excessive.
an amount of money paid by a company to lớn an employee as an increase in income or as a special payment for success:
an award for sth Awards for all 600 executives have sầu been ruled out as the group struggles khổng lồ recover from a catastrophic 12-month period.
Including the Port Authority"s $3 million award, the company got a total of $3.93 million in grants.
award a grant/contract (khổng lồ sb) The Pentagon has awarded a $520 million contract to lớn the construction company.

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if a court awards a sum of money to lớn someone who has been unfairly treated, injured in an accident at work, etc., it orders the person, company, or organization that is responsible lớn pay it:
award sth to lớn sb/award sb sth The jury will award $1.78 million in compensation và more than $99 million in punitive sầu damages lớn victims.