Cooperation là gì


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the process of working with another company, organization, or country in order lớn achieve something:
cooperation with sb/sth kinh doanh networks have been enhanced through cooperation with Chinese enterprises.

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cooperation between sb/sth (and sb/sth) Successful innovation requires cooperation between different departments.
closer/greater/increased cooperation We need to see closer cooperation between industry & government.

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in cooperation with Starbucks, in cooperation with Conservation International, sourced its coffee direct from farmers in Mexico.
It was not an ordinary framework of international cooperation among equal participants, such as those dealing with collective security or global warming.
In order for cooperation to be rational, participants must have a certain degree of confidence in each other"s competence to lớn complete their assigned tasks.
Non-verbal cooperation was employed when the group was engaged in playing together & included musical và visual cues.
It promotes understanding between cultures, creates the relevant platform for international cooperation, and promotes international solidarity.
When punishment was available, they observed relatively more cooperation in an otherwise inefficient voting environment.
Acknowledging the prior operation of group selection provides an evolutionarily coherent explanation of the survival of human behavioral predispositions that enable social cooperation.
Their philosophy is one of cooperation, differentiation và maximising the potential of all members of staff và adults in the school community.
It has demonstrated that cooperation among states may be achieved and maintained despite the existing legal controversies.