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If you look very closely, next to the dimple, a number - 4283 - can be made out, stamped (not moulded) into the white plastic.
However, in these earlier studies, the dimple is assumed already formed and is described in a more or less ad hoc manner.
However, other photographs show recoil occurring with a dimple appearing as the "release of tension " acts like a point impulse.
Moreover, he predicted that capillary waves have profiles that peak or dimple downward, contrary to the case of gravity waves.
The head was in black and white, apart from bright red "lipstick" and streaks of blue daubed onto the eyelids and dimples.
Under normal quiescent conditions, the red blood cells assume the shape of biconcave disks, that is, disks with a double-sided dimple at the centre.
At long times, the pressure inside the dimple (relative to the ambient) is nearly uniform and drops fast beyond its edge.
One of these waves is gravity-like, having three dimples, while the other two are capillary-like, having five dimples.
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