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What is Pre-Pull?

A pre-pull is when a trucker picks up a container from the port and it is stored overnight at the trucker’s yard, as opposed to being immediately delivered. This can be done to avoid demurrage fees.

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When and why is a pre-pull necessary?

A pre-pull is necessary when you can’t accept the delivery before the last free day, and want to avoid demurrage fees. Usually, this is because your goods require a drop-off appointment that is after the last free day.

Another situation where pre-pull would be necessary is if the receiver requests an early morning appointment, meaning the container would need to be picked up the day before the scheduled drop-off and stored in the truck yard to be delivered in the morning.

Why pre-pull?

Demurrage fees are charged per container, per day, which means they can get expensive quickly. For example, if you have 2 containers that are picked up 2 days late, and the daily / per container late fee is $150, you will end up paying $600 for the two days that you are late to pick up your containers. A pre-pull however, while not free, would cost you significantly less than demurrage fees, making it a good option when you are going to be past your last free day.

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Can I avoid both pre-pull and demurrage?

The easiest way to avoid these fees is to ask the receiving warehouse if they can receive without appointments. If the warehouse is in the port vicinity, then the container can be dropped off for unloading and picked up later when it is empty, known as a container drop.

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Warehouses normally unload the containers at their own pace without having the driver wait. Truckers mostly prefer this option as it does not delay their schedules and doesn’t require a pre-pull.

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