hole hole (hōl) noun1. A cavity in a solid. 2. a. An opening or a perforation: a hole in the clouds. b. Sports. An opening in a defensive formation, especially the area of a baseball infield between the third base player và the shortstop. c. A fault or flaw: There are holes in your argument.3. A deep place in a body of water. 4. An animal"s hollowed-out habitation, such as a burrow. 5. An ugly, squalid, or depressing dwelling. 6. A deep or isolated place of confinement; a dungeon. 7. An awkward situation; a predicament. 8. Sports. a. The small pit lined with a cup inkhổng lồ which a golf ball must be hit. b. One of the divisions of a golf course, from tee khổng lồ cup.9. Physics. A vacant position in a crystal left by the absence of an electron, especially a position in a semiconductor that acts as a carrier of positive sầu electric charge. In this sense, also called electron hole. verbholed, holing, holesverb, transitive1. To put a hole in. 2. To put or propel into a hole. verb, intransitiveTo make a hole in something. phrasal verb.hole out SportsTo hit a golf ball inkhổng lồ the hole. hole up1. To hibernate in or as if in a hole. 2. Informal. To take refuge in or as if in a hideout. idiom.hole in one SportsThe driving of a golf ball from the tee into the hole in only one stroke. in the hole1. Having a score below zero. 2. In debt. 3. At a disadvantage. Synonyms: hole, hollow, cavity, pocket. These nouns refer khổng lồ an unfilled or empty space. Hole is applicable lớn an opening in or a perforation through a solid body: dug a hole in the earth và planted the seed; a hole in the bow of the ship made by a torpevày. Hollow denotes an unfilled area in a solid body or a dent or depression on a surface: a hollow in the ground where ivy grows; marble steps with hollows worn by footsteps. A cavity is a hollow or hollow area within a solid toàn thân or object: a cavity in a molar; the cranial cavity. Pocket is applied to lớn a cavity in the earth, as one containing a mineral deposit, or lớn an isolated cavity or area that contains foreign or contrasting matter: pockets of manganese in the rock; a plane that plunged inlớn a pocket of turbulence; pockets of unemployment in an otherwise affluent society.

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holehole(n) fleabag (US, informal), hovel, dump (informal), slum, shack, pigpen, pigsty, fleapit cavity, hollow, void, chasm, gulf, abyss, pit, dip aperture, gap, opening, crack, break, outlet, puncture, fissure, tear, perforation den, lair, retreat, burrow, run, sett, earth, warren flaw, weakness, fault, error, defect, inconsistencyantonym: strength