Jail Là Gì

a place where criminals are kept to lớn punish them for their crimes, or where people accused of crimes are kept while waiting for their trials:

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They don"t throw anyone in jail for parking illegally, but they will tow your oto and charge you a fine.

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Pressured by the demonstration, the judge freed all the workers và jailed the factory administrator.
Only 19 percent of those who had been imprisoned were jailed for periods that did not exceed one month.
Thus, armed crowds threatened lớn storm the jails in order lớn release all of those imprisoned for having broken their precetti.
Such prisoners must continue to lớn be confined in local jails, where they would inevitably become a substantial burden upon local authorities & ratepayers.
Members were often jailed & fined for violating ordinances and laws pertaining to lớn public order và were targeted by antiterrorism measures.
Asylums became repositories, as had the jails and workhouses before them, for any individual who could not be cared for in the community.
The jails, prisons, and houses of correction in which these offenders were confined, however, were not yet subjected to lớn uniformly prescribed and enforced standards.
In addition, the troops of the line guarded the gates, the prisons, and the jails, & provided crowd control at the theaters and markets.
They admonished drunkards, jailed adulterers, and obligated reluctant suitors to lớn marry pregnant sweethearts.

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a type of nhảy where two people use special steps & movements khổng lồ bởi vì dances such as the waltz or tango together

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