Judgement là gì

I don"t think you have the right to pass judgment (on others) (= to say whether you think other people are good or bad).

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I"m going to reserve judgment (on the decision) (= not say whether I think it is good or bad) for the time being.

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the ability to make decisions or to make good decisions, or the act of developing an opinion, esp. after careful thought:
a decision that you make, or an opinion that you have, after considering all the facts in a situation:
make/form/reach a judgment (about/on sth) We tend to make judgments about people at work based on our first impressions.
Careful judgement will be needed in deciding whether it is trade policy or environmental policy which must be adjusted.
sound/good/poor judgment Sound judgment is essential because decisions we make directly affect people"s health and safety.
exercise/use your judgment We rely on trustees to exercise their judgment in overseeing financial procedures
trust/doubt/question sb"s judgment Junior employees are often reluctant to question the judgment of their bosses.
People should not be forced, against their better judgment, into taking out loans they cannot repay.

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in sb"s judgment In my judgement, this is the biggest foreign policy mistake the country has ever made.
HM Revenue & Customs is using the recent judgement to argue that UK shareholders in offshore companies should pay income tax.
judgment against sb/sth They won a $2.8 million judgment against the insurer for shortchanging them for storm damage to their home.
a €500,000/$16.8 million, etc. judgment She won a $450,000 judgment after convincing jurors she was subject to sexual harassment.
pass judgment on sb/sth The shares were only floated this summer, so it is too early to pass judgement on their performance.
to wait until more information about something is available before expressing an opinion, making a decision, or taking action:
Campaigners insist it is the job of politicians to govern, not to sit in moral judgment on people"s lifestyles.
We should be wary of judgments that depend on that very modern distinction between the public and the private.
The results clearly demonstrated that most three-year-olds can make metalinguistic judgments and productions in structured tasks, with overall metalinguistic performance improving with age in months.
When we are involved in large-scale projects, we must make judgments on an individual basis about whether they are good or bad.
As noted, linguistic studies routinely assess a speaker"s competence through grammaticality judgments.
Two key judgments must be made: one concerns adaptive behavior or development, and the other concerns the risks or threats to development.
I have argued, however, that for cognitivist theories of language, the focus on grammaticality judgments is artificially narrow.
A negative list of noninterchangeable types and cases guided the coders" judgments of interchangeability.
Here a vote is taken only on the conclusion, and no collective judgments are made on other propositions.
In the last case, they may include judgments on whether the war can be won, whether victory would be worth the cost, and so on.
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với judgment.

First, it describes not just a cognitive process of judgment, but rather, the interpersonal process necessary for accurate judgment.

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The aesthetic judgment of painting in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries was hardly the property of any one political or social interest group.
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