Laissez-Faire Là Gì

The problems began long before he became CEO, but they worsened with his laissez-faire approach/attitude.

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If a government is laissez-faire, it does not have many laws & rules that control the buying & selling of goods và services.

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an economic theory or plan in which a government does not have sầu many laws or rules to control the buying & selling of goods and services
the idea that businesses should be không lấy phí lớn develop without the involvement or control of government:
Those who subscribe to lớn absolute laissez-faire economics, or no government regulation, are sometimes referred khổng lồ as economic anarchists.

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the idea that people should be không tính tiền to choose how to vì things, without too much control from someone in authority:
If you choose a laissez-faire management style, you give your staff room khổng lồ make their own decisions.
A laissez-faire approach towards self-help, in consequence, will merely reinforce rather than reduce the existing socioeconomic và gender inequalities.
The original moderation technique is far from being a laissez-faire approach, it is meant to keep the discussion under strict control.
The laissez-faire view holds that there is no enforceable duty khổng lồ nội dung the costs of other people"s bad option luck.
When = 0.01, a 5 percent tax increase in the laissez-faire economy finances a subsidy equal lớn 33 percent of the cost of public investment.
However, the contemporary outcome has not been a triumph of laissez-faire but a displacement of collective bargaining in the employment relations field.
Thus, even within cognitive sầu và social psychology, laissez-faire attitudes and a strict enforcement of rules go h& in h&.