How To Update Ledger Nano S Firmware And Mcu Version

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Ledger Error Fix: MCU firmware is outdated

Ledger Live and its device bởi vì have sầu some errors that many people have reported on cryptocurrency forums sites. However, there are easy fixes. Don’t panic if you see that your firmware is outdated, & you’re not sure what to bởi, we can help! This error might interfere with your ability khổng lồ transact with cryptocurrency, but it’s not a problem that will cause you khổng lồ đại bại it. If you write down và store your recovery phrase/private key, you won’t run inlớn any indefinite problems accessing your cryptocurrency.Your Ledger device doesn’t mô tả the private key over the mạng internet & instead stores the key locally on the device. This means that you could use the recovery phrase on any other wallet that allows independent recovery phrases to be used lớn recover funds if you had too. This isn’t the best option as you would be exposing your private key online, so it’s best lớn fight through any errors that you may run into lớn before making any switches.This is yet another reason that it’s crucial lớn continuously update your firmware, as you won’t run inkhổng lồ as many issues if you are on top of the lachạy thử updates.

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Today we are going to go over the steps that you need lớn take khổng lồ fix the “MCU firmware is outdated” issue. If your application is saying “MCU firmware is not genuine,” then you should refer khổng lồ our guide here.The entire process should only take around ten minutes to lớn resolve sầu fully if your problem is not fixed after you follow each step, then you may need to lớn contact Ledger Lives tư vấn team to lớn get the problem fixed as quickly as possible.

Steps khổng lồ fixing

Typically, this problem is fixed when you repair your device, but if it doesn’t resolve, then we have other solutions available to lớn help you.

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Most of the Ledger Live issues can be resolve sầu by updating Ledger Live sầu application!

Download last version Ledger Live sầu for:


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Step 8: Once you have sầu clicked on the settings icon, you can navigate khổng lồ the “Help” tab & scroll until you find “Repair your Ledger device.” When you see this option cliông chồng on it và then click on “Repair.”Step 9: Select “Bootloader” in the popup window và clichồng “Repair.” Now you will be able to lớn see that your device is loading, và the screen will disappear.