What is Mean Stack?

Mean Stack refers to lớn a collection of JavaScript technologies used lớn develop website applications. Therefore, from the client lớn the server and from server to lớn database, everything is based on JavaScript. MEAN is a full-staông xã development toolkit used khổng lồ develop a fast & robust website applications.

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MEAN is a user-friendly stack which is the igiảm giá khuyến mãi solution for building dynamic websites and applications. This không lấy phí & open-source stachồng offers a quiông xã and organized method for creating rapid prototypes for web-based applications.

MEAN is comprised of four different technologies:

MongoDB express is a schemaless NoSQL database systemExpress JS is a framework used khổng lồ build web applications in NodeAngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by GoogleNode.js is a server-side JavaScript execution environment


Skillsets of Mean Staông xã developer

Mean staông xã developer should work on the Front-kết thúc and Back-kết thúc processesMean Stachồng developer should able to work with HTML & CSSHe/She should understvà programming templates and architecture design guidelinesKnowledge of website development, continuous integration, & cloud technologiesGood understanding of DB architectureKnowledge of SDLC and experience developing in an Agile environmentCollaborate with the IT team to lớn build strong systems to tư vấn business objectivesOf course, hands-on experience on Mongo, Express, Angular, Node.

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What is the Future of Mean stachồng Developer?

Being, a Mean stack developer is highly desirable, challenging vocation. So, if you are ready to work on the diverse skill phối và have the experience of working with various code languages and application, then you will become successful MEAN stack developer.

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Application Architecture(Technical Architect) is an area you can easily progress in the future after gaining experience as a mean stack developer.

Advantages of Mean Stack

Here, are some most prominent reasons for using Mean Staông xã technology

Allows creating a simple open source solution which can be used to lớn build robust & maintainable solutions.Helps in rapid development of applicationsUse a uniform language throughout your stackUses very low memory footprint/overheadHelps you lớn avoid unnecessary groundwork và keeps your application organizedMongoDB is built for the cloudNode.js simplifies the VPS layerMEAN makes code isomorphic

Disadvantages of Mean Stack

MongoDB may be an ideal choice for small khổng lồ the mid-sized application. However, it is not the best option for large-scale applicationsThere are no specific general JS coding guidelinesOnce you have developed the first site using Mean staông xã technology, it’s really hard to lớn go bachồng to lớn the old approachIt offers poor isolation of hệ thống from business logicYou could potentially thua records


Mean stachồng refers lớn a collection of JavaScript technologies used khổng lồ develop web applicationsExpress is a mature, flexible, lightweight VPS framework. It is designed for building single, multi-page, và hybrid website applicationsAngular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework which is maintained by GoogleNode.js allows developers to create web servers & build website applications on it. It’s a server-side JavaScript execution environmentMean Stck Architecture consists of MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, & NodeJSMean stachồng (full staông chồng developer) should work on the Front-end và Back-endMEAN is a user-friendly stachồng which is the ideal solution for building dynamic websites & applications.The biggest disadvantage of using Mean staông xã framework is that there are no specific general JS coding guidelines