On Account Là Gì

an arrangement with a ngân hàng to lớn keep your money there & to lớn allow you lớn take it out when you need to:

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An account is also an arrangement with a store or a company that allows you to lớn buy things và pay for them later:
an arrangement with a bank in which the customer puts in and takes out money và the ngân hàng keeps a record of it:
close/open an trương mục When she starts school we"re opening an account in her name and we"ll put money into it each year.
deposit/pay money inlớn an tài khoản Anmãng cầu could deposit her savings into lớn an tài khoản offering more interest.

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joint/separate trương mục It"s better khổng lồ have separate accounts và feed money into lớn a joint account for shared bills.
business/personal trương mục Each month I transfer money from my business tài khoản to lớn my personal trương mục.
An tài khoản of travel expenses incurred by an employee must be submitted for reimbursement together with receipts.

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an agreement with a company that allows you to lớn use the mạng internet và gmail, & gives you space on the internet to lớn put your documents:
Some people have sầu a specific service in mind, whether it"s an trương mục with không tính tiền Web space or the ability khổng lồ develop an electronic commerce site online.
However, philosophers vày think that our notion of wellbeing permits the rich account of the priority view that they offer.
When planning a mapping, one must take this inlớn account: an instrument is interesting only if it allows the discovery of unknown features.
The author is quick khổng lồ point out, however, that the models reviewed vày not account for all error data.