Pocket là gì

a small bag for carrying things in, made of cloth and sewn into the inside or onto the outside of a piece of clothing:
a container, usually made of cloth, that is sewn into or onto a bag or attached to a seat or door in a vehicle:
I paid for my ticket out of my own pocket (= with my own money), but I can claim the cost of it back from my employer.

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Among the staff there are some pockets of resistance to the planned changes (= some small groups of them are opposed).
The pilot said that we were going to encounter a pocket of turbulence (= an area of violently moving air).
a space between the teeth and the gums (= the firm pink flesh inside the mouth, covering the bones into which the teeth are fixed) that can contain bacteria that cause disease :
Studies show that people with deep periodontal pockets between their teeth and gums should have them cleaned by a dental hygienist every 3-4 months.

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In periodontitis, gums pull away from the teeth and form spaces (called “pockets”) that become infected.
used to describe something that is small enough to put in your pocket, or that you regularly carry in your pocket:
a small bag, usually made of cloth, sewn on the inside or outside of a piece of clothing and used to hold small objects:
In the game of pool, the pockets are the holes around the edge of the table into which the balls are hit.
to put something in your pocket, or (fig.) to take money esp. when it has been obtained unfairly or illegally:
put cash/money into sb"s pockets This is significant because it puts more cash into people"s pockets.
He will have to dig deep into the taxpayer"s pocket to finance the required investment in the country"s rail infrastructure.

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At the heart of the scandal is the suggestion that supposedly independent brokers are in the pocket of the insurers which are theoretically competing.