Roller là gì

a tube-shaped object in a machine that turns over & over in order khổng lồ carry things along or press them down or together:

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These eliminated the die plates entirely and used rollers or compressing cylinders to khung the stream of clay.
Most of the performances of the structure now depover on the sphere diameter and no longer on the roller diameter.
Similarly, the liên hệ between a toner particle và the imaging roller is treated as an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá electric resistance.
For the wounded actor, these ups & downs have sầu the quality of a diabolical roller-coaster: highs of inflated grandiosity followed by lows of deep depression.
A small roller pump is placed on the inlet aspect of the ultrafilter to increase the blood flow khổng lồ approximately 100 to lớn 300 ml/min.
There was a tendency for borderline tubers to lớn pass along the rollers slightly too far và fall inkhổng lồ the kích thước above the correct category.
A more detailed simulation of the press would require the state of the water-loaded felt as it approaches the roller to lớn be properly specified.
First, the detailed topology of the double rollers is investigated and their sense of rotation and relation to the turbulent/non-turbulent interface established.

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Patients can be traumatized by roller-coaster rides where hopes are built & crushed contemporaneously.
Its roller-bed slipway was built over the summer of 1925-26, và most of the other facilities were established in 1927.
Another solution consists in using spherical wheels in order to lớn overcome the limitations inherent to lớn the small size of the rollers.
The direction of relative motion of the shafts is reversed when the roller is moved past the center of the disk.
Figure 9 shows the pressure for the case i = 0.5, = 1.0 và = 0, so that the bottom roller is completely permeable.



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