Security Clearance Là Gì


Public trust security clearance is the lowest màn chơi of additional background screening that the federal government requires for applicants of certain jobs.Quý khách hàng đã xem: Security clearance là gì


Government jobs can have sầu lengthy employment applications and even lengthier screening processes. Part of the screening process for many federal government jobs is getting a security clearance. By understanding what security clearance you"ll need and taking proactive sầu steps, you can ensure you"re more prepared than other applicants for the same position.quý khách sẽ xem: Security clearance là gì

Security Clearance

The federal government requires a security clearance for many jobs because of the work involved. Even if the daily duties don"t require knowledge of confidential material, it"s comtháng to see some confidential material pass across your desk from time to lớn time. Because of this, it"s important that federal government employees receive sầu a security clearance.

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There are three different levels of security clearance available:

Top SecretSecretConfidential

lưu ý that public trust is not actually a security clearance. Public trust positions bởi, however, require additional background screening because of the confidential nature of the position.

Public Trust

During your application process and on the SF85, you will have sầu khổng lồ discthất bại hoidapthutuchaiquan.vnrmation such as:

Medical recordsFinancial recordsMarriage & divorce recordsChild tư vấn hoidapthutuchaiquan.vnrmationEmployment historyResidential history

It"s important to note that, because public trust positions require employment history for the past seven years, your job tìm kiếm will no longer be kept confidential from your current employer. The federal government will liên hệ your current employer for hoidapthutuchaiquan.vnrmation on you, your work ethic, & your work history. If you reach this point in the application process for a federal government position, you need to be sure you have told your current employer you are looking.

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Public Trust Positions Require Honesty

When you"re applying for a public trust position with the federal government, the best advice you can receive sầu is to lớn be honest. Lying can literally put you in jail.

The federal government isn"t looking for the perfect person, as that doesn"t exist. What they are looking for is someone who provides full disclosure. Public trust positions require just that—trust. Your federal government must trust you to lớn đánh giá và hold confidential hoidapthutuchaiquan.vnrmation. Starting your relationship off with a lie is the worst thing you can bởi a sure way to lớn have sầu your application removed from consideration.

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