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Of course we have sầu modernised the notation, for example subscript notation was not used in Parseval"s time, and we have sầu also corrected his theorem for he omitted the first 2 on the left hvà side.

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Dưới đấy là đa số mẫu mã câu bao gồm đựng từ bỏ "subscript", vào cỗ từ bỏ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể xem thêm số đông chủng loại câu này để tại vị câu trong trường hợp phải đặt câu với từ bỏ subscript, hoặc xem thêm ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ bỏ subscript trong bộ trường đoản cú điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. Strikethrough, subscript, and superscript elements.

2. Next, the subscript expression is evaluated.

3. You can use subscript and superscript, too.

4. Diuron (DCMU) blocks the electron transporting from Q(subscript A) lớn Q(subscript B) in the thylakoid membrane.

5. The atomic number appears as a subscript.

6. Using subscript comma and subscript semicolon notation a standard space-time derivative is written whilst a covariant derivative is written.

7. The array subscript is a non integer expression.

8. A new expression node representing the subscript operation.

9. Octal numbers are identified by a trailing 8 subscript.

10. To create superscript or a subscript do the following.

11. The subscript O và W identify the unweathered & weathered states.

12. 4) Octal numbers are identified by a trailing 8 subscript.

13. Bilinear factor is the most significant parameter controlling S(subscript RDR).

14. The symbol for pressure is usually P or p which may use a subscript to identify the pressure, & gas species are also referred lớn by subscript.

15. The subscript operator must be defined as a class thành hoidapthutuchaiquan.vnên function.

16. Returns or sets the text nội dung of an arbitrary cell ( single subscript ).

17. The subscript was used on a variable that was not an array.

18. In agreement with the in hoidapthutuchaiquan.vntro effect, activation of GABA(subscript B) receptor, GABA(subscript A) receptor benzodiazepine binding site and blockade of GABA uptake cause rotation in behahoidapthutuchaiquan.vnng animal.

19. Accounting the key point of building dynamic mã sản phẩm lớn be setting up 2 steps tensor T(subscript ia) and 3 steps tenser T(subscript ibc) and assembling the equivalent mass matrix.

20. Subscript: Small character printed below the base part of mathematic equation Inferior character.

21. Indihoidapthutuchaiquan.vndual characters in strings can be referenced with array subscript style notation, as in C.

22. In hardware, it often represents a register. For example, the B box, the subscript box.

23. So let"s say distance, & we"ll write a little small t right here, a little subscript t.

24. Adenosine A(subscript 2A) receptors are selectively localized in basal ganglia and can affect the locomotor actihoidapthutuchaiquan.vnty.

25. This software is adaptive to lớn various expressions with professional math symbols as well as subscript and superscript.

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26. Tectonic movement of Keping block is strong và concentrative sầu active region of Xinjiang M ( subscript S ) 6 earthquake.

27. This last result can be expressed in a more compact form using the subscript comma notation for space-time derivatives:.

28. Text formatting includes mixed kích cỡ text, colored text, underlining, italics, bold, subscript and superscript, fixed-width phông, & more.

29. From here on in, the voltages recorded with a positive field will have sầu a subscript P (for example, V13, P. = V3, P - V1, P) and those recorded with a negative sầu field will have sầu a subscript N (such as V13, N = V3, N - V1, N).

30. Education level contributed 8.7% of K covariation while AIDS attitude, religion and clinical experience contributed 16.8% of W(subscript k) covariation .

31. 6 Tectonic movement of Keping bloông chồng is strong & concentrative sầu active sầu region of Xinjiang M ( subscript S ) 6 earthquake.

32. A chất lượng number, called an index or subscript, combined with the shared variable name distinguishes each element in the array.

33. More generally, a value or set of values, such as an index register or a subscript, used lớn locate specific data.

34. Morphological studies revealed the existence of GABA(subscript A) receptor, including its benzodiazepine binding site, và GABAB receptor in globus pallidus.

35. The damages in the propellant can be characterized by E(subscript 5%) dewetting energy, permanent stain, & S-shape curve sầu of propellant.

36. 23 Morphological studies revealed the existence of GABA(subscript A) receptor, including its benzodiazepine binding site, and GABAB receptor in globus pallidus.

37. The measurement results of op tical rotation show that the conformation of NaCS(subscript MC) is regular in neutral or weak alkaline solution.

38. Layer E(superscript 1 subscript in north area of west Qaidam Basin develops good clastic roông chồng. Reservoir properties và diagenesis have sầu a big relevance.

39. As with the subscript operator, the value returned by the dereference operator is an lvalue. We can assign lớn this element to lớn change its value.

40. After compaction, there is no obhoidapthutuchaiquan.vnous relationship between layer number & the final compaction V(subscript f) of tackified fabric, which still influenced by tackifier contents.

41. Based on the mean PE(subscript M) and mutation rate, the likelihood ratio of true father to random man (paternity index) was got using binomial theorem.

42. The influence of parameters on the new gauge boson A(subscript H) mass & production cross sections is studied in the electroweak parameter spaces at the ILC.

43. Objective: To examine the regulatory effect of corticotrophin-releasing hooc môn on glutamate-mediated current I(subscript GLU in cultured hippocampal neurons & to lớn study the related mechanism.

44. It is also found that additives of humate & lignosulfonate with high degree of sulphonation increase the static stability of CWS prepared by coals with high content of V(subscript daf).

45. Some of the safe thiết bị di động codes may be rejected to execute, since there is no way to lớn verify statically that the symbol range value of an array subscript expression in PCC.

46. With respect lớn the principal disjunctive normal form and the principal conjunctive normal form, we also approach the properties of the subscript sets derived from the minimum term & maximum term.

47. Pimaric-type resin acid is a kind of important resin acid with a special structure, in which there are both a methyl group and a hoidapthutuchaiquan.vnnyl group at C(subscript - position.

48. The results showed the addition of PCU decreased the T(subscript g) of PC, increased the interfacial bonding force between the two phases, resulted in improhoidapthutuchaiquan.vnng the compatibility of PC/TPU blkết thúc.

49. Pimaric-type resin acid is a kind of important resin acid with a special structure, in which there are both a methyl group & a hoidapthutuchaiquan.vnnyl group at C(subscript -13) position.

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50. When total heating power P or cooling water flow rate Q increases, heat transfer performance of the heat pipe cold plate is enhanced và R(subscript th) decreases under experimental tilt obliquities.