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(especially in football or hockey) lớn try to take the ball from a player in the other team, or (in rugby or American football) lớn bởi this by taking hold of the player and making them fall
Ethical and spiritual issues were thoughtfully tackled, và there was a helpful chapter on the management of physical symptoms.
These two problems can be tackled through an information-theoretical approach, as has been done in other corpus-based statistical language modeling studies.
Before really tackling the issues of longrange planning strategies, in chapter 7, the author sets the scene in the first five sầu chapters.
So there is no escaping from it: scientific language has to lớn be tackled and mastered if scientific thought is khổng lồ be followed.
The present paper tackles this issue using cluster analysis with large independent samples of eating-disorder patients.
This issue is tackled by adopting a unikhung underlying agent architecture, the multi-context architecture.
This book has tackled the important aspect of "prosody in use", and highlighted the weakness of decontextualized theorizing.
This goal is motivated by the observation that linguistically motivated grammars are unable khổng lồ tackle a large number of "exceptions", each requiring a special treatment.
A group of local people had identified learning disabilities as an area they wanted lớn tackle, but that this was not included.
In fact, research projects large and small, just waiting lớn be tackled, jump out with startling frequency.
Finally, we demonstrate the flexibility of the computational tools used lớn tackle problems at different scales.
Even their justified criticisms of cladistic methodologies are somewhat imprecise & bởi vì not tackle the fundamental problems of this approach.
Internally, these values confer to lớn the members the ability khổng lồ reflect critically on the way they tackle tasks & relate to lớn one another.
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These are words often used in combination with tackle.

Clichồng on a collocation khổng lồ see more examples of it.

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The following year, injuries struck the team"s offensive line, & he was moved to lớn the left tackle position.
Only steam-tackle or the heavy 60 horse-power caterpillar-tractors will bởi mole draining; it cannot be done by light tackle.

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Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the mở cửa Parliament Licence v3.0
He was all-league at both offensive sầu tackle & defensive sầu end while earning all-county honors at offensive tackle.