Top 6 Crypto Trading Tools You Should Use In 2021

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This is a menu of miễn phí or freemium tools & apps that are useful for cryptocurrency traders or hodlers.

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None of these tools were backed by an ICO, which has been the original condition for getting a tool listed on here. Some of them are open source, some commercial, but all of them have at least a trial account option.

If you are a developer và want to submit a tool, contact us.

In this article we cover:

Tools for Traders

Tools for Hodlers & Investors

Portfolio tracking

NOTE: The popular Blockfolio phầm mềm was hacked in 2021. There are plenty Blockfolio alternatives but for safety, use a single-serving email address when you sign up.

CoinMarketMan is a crypto portfolio tracker for daytraders. It has an auto-journaling functionality for active sầu traders, which saves a lot of time compared lớn a trading journal in Excel.

How lớn use CoinMarketMan as Crypto lớn Trading Journal Software

CoinMarketMan pulls data from your trading platkhung via read-only API.

The phầm mềm supports all the big crypto derivatives platforms (FTX, Deribit, ByBit, BitMEX) và then spot markets from Binance và Coinbase PRO.

How to phối up the automated trade tracking:

Generate API keys on your exchange. Don’t forget to lớn set the API to lớn read-only! Copy-paste your API keys into your CoinMarketMan account. Start the import of all your trading data with one click.

That’s all.

The trading journal ứng dụng will read your open positions (including stop-losses) as well as your trade history và work out the PnL for you.

You can annotate your positions both with random text notes and structured tags. The tags can be used to lớn build reports with statistics - such as how much you trade on emotion vs with confidence in your trading setup.

For tax reporting, just export the log in CSV. You get all your profits in losses from all exchanges in a single tệp tin.

How to get CoinMarketMan Enterprise for FREE (worth 49.99 USD/mth)


The fully automated trading journal is a paid feature & CoinMarketMan is not cheap.

But there is an easy way to get the top tier plan for free: Sign up at an exchange through CoinMarketMan’s shill link.

You have Deribit, Bybit or FTX khổng lồ choose from. Once your API keys are in CoinMarketMan, your plan updates automatically to lớn Enterprise và stays there forever.

There is no other requirement tied to lớn the offer, such as minimum traded volume or the like. Just sign up và you’re done.

Go khổng lồ CoinMarketMan


CryptoView is an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency traders who need to lớn keep trachồng of their portfolio as its value fluctuates over multiple crypto lớn exchange accounts.

The ứng dụng was built for active sầu traders (daytraders, arbers, scalpers). This means that it’s not just a portfolio tracker but a functional platkhung from which you can trade directly on multiple exchanges, using full-featured TradingView charts.

CryptoView supports most popular spot exchanges - Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, you name it. The only limitation is you will not find derivatives and options here.

There is a free 30 day trial after which you can opt lớn stay with a không lấy phí account or go for one of the premium subscriptions. Paid plans run from 13 khổng lồ 19 USD per month.

If you choose to lớn stay on a miễn phí plan, you won’t be able lớn trade from CryptoView but the portfolio tracking and TradingView’s multi-chart experience will still be available.

It’s not unreasonable at all khổng lồ sign up just for the TradingView feature, btw.

Get CryptoView FREE

Shrimpy is a crypkhổng lồ trading bot platform that, in its không lấy phí version, works as a portfolio tracking tool.

Shrimpy platform is designed for the automation of long-term investing strategies.It supports a range of time-tested portfolio management strategies such as rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging (DCA), and portfolio-wide stop-losses.

If you just want to lớn monitor your stack’s fiat value manually, sign up for Shrimpy’s không lấy phí plan and you’re good.

Coinloop is a portfolio tracking tiện ích catered towards more active sầu traders. In addition lớn the usual news feed & an event calendar it also features AI signals with optional alerts. It also tracks the CME & CBOE Bitcoin futures.


Moonitor is a desktop and iOS app developed by a Redditor u/kumakote.

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It is continually improved và the kiến thiết of the UI is much nicer than you’d expect in crypkhổng lồ.

Delta is quite a popular ứng dụng, even though less so in the crypto lớn community. It is powered by eToro, so you won’t quite get the privacy features you might be used to from cryplớn space.

Delta is available from Android and iOS.

Coinstats looks quite lượt thích CoinMarketCap except it also reads your exchange’s API and tracks your portfolio balance. Coinstats report profit and loss as well, great for active traders.

The tracker is available for desktop.

The most popular ứng dụng for portfolio tracking, which was hacked in February 2021. Blockfolio does not hold cryptocurrency, but the haông xã still exposed its users’ data to spammers & phishers well known by Ledger wallet owners.

Cryplớn Trading Bots

We have sầu a 101 guide on how to start bot trading crypto lớn. There are platforms that will let you automate strategies without any coding required. You can also automate a DCA strategy. The bot guide here.

Coinrule bot lets you automate TA-based strategies with no coding knowledge required. The interface is user friendly and intuitive.

No coding required khổng lồ write your trading strategy No coding needed even to backthử nghiệm your trading strategy Supports DCA Supports technical analysis strategies

Coinrule is không lấy phí for traded volumes below 3K USD per month. It’s good enough to kiểm tra it, for after that get your 25% off with this link. Paid plans start at 29.9 USD per month, depending on your volume and number of active strategies.

There are seasonal giao dịch, subscribe lớn our weekly đơn hàng newsletter lớn hear about them.

More about Coinrule’s products:

Coinrule supports bot trading on big exchanges like Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bitfinex, OKEx và more.

The company is based in London & has been around since 2016, but stayed under the radar due to the noise generated by the ICO bubble.

They did use that time lớn build their hàng hóa as well as an extensive knowledge base. If nothing else, check at least that.

Get 25% Off Coinrule More on how lớn start bot trading crypto

Shrimpy is an automated crypkhổng lồ trading bot designed for long-term investing strategies.

The platkhung supports a range of time-tested portfolio management strategies such as rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging (DCA), & portfolio-wide stop-losses.

You can mix up a custom strategy or go for social trading & copy strategies from the top traders on the Shrimpy platkhung.

Shrimpy requires Pythanh mảnh coding but has a dev community on Telegram và a vast knowledge base Supports DCA Supports technical analysis strategies Supports portfolio rebalancing Supports social trading

The FREE Shrimpy plan only includes portfolio monitoring. PRO plans with strategy automation and trading bots start at $13/month.

Get Shrimpy FREE

Market Screener

Market screeners are full-stack tools for market analysis. Screeners report not only the price action of an asphối, but also its news coverage & sometimes even public (but hard khổng lồ find) information like insider trades that have lớn be filled with the SEC.

In crypto we are used to lớn single-purpose niđậy tools but as legacy traders adopt crypto, the more resourceful legacy market screening tools vì chưng so as well.


FinViz is the most complete không tính tiền market screener for stochồng, forex & crypto lớn. Cryplớn is the lathử nghiệm addition lớn this 10+ year old trading tool, và crypto market screening is a bit subpar there, sadly.

You won’t get as many features for cryplớn as you get for stocks on FinViz, such as the feed of institutional & insider transactions pulled directly from SEC forms. If you also trade legacy though, FinViz is hands down to richest không lấy phí market data resource.

It pulls granular data from SEC fillings, it gives you all the news for each stock ticker, & it has basic TA alerts pre-programmed on the public website. These are really simple things like oversold/overbought, but they will still save sầu you time.

FinViz Crypkhổng lồ is only good to lớn get you a quiông chồng overview of the 15 top crypto lớn markets & their relative sầu performance of their USD markets. Once again, if you also trade forex và stocks, it’s gonna get you much more use though.

FinViz Free Market Screener

TradingView provides a triplet of basic market screeners - stoông chồng screener, forex screener và crypto lớn screener. These are all available in the không lấy phí tier.

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The information you get is much poorer than with FinViz screener above sầu though. There is the basic chart, with an option to lớn switch to lớn the full-featured technical chart, then there are news but from a handful of sources only, và there is no insider trading or other hard lớn dig out data. The rest of the space in the screener chart are just community ideas.