used lớn refer khổng lồ a situation in which decisions are made by a few people in authority rather than by the people who are affected by the decisions:

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Nâng cao vốn trường đoản cú vựng của khách hàng với English Vocabulary in Use từọc các từ chúng ta cần tiếp xúc một phương pháp tự tin.

starting from the highest levels or from the most general ideas of an organization, system, plan, etc.:
A complete specification of the model will require more investigation of the role of top-down inhibition among representations.
Forthcoming procedures for the analysis of electroacoustic music should derive from the synthesis of top-down & bottom-up views derived from different competences.
Thus, the refinement of abstract mã sản phẩm into a detailed one is, in their interpretation, a feature of top-down design.
This approach relieves the problems existing in a bottom-up approach and those in a top-down approach.
Repeated spatial or temporal coincidences between top-down expectation signals và bottom-up input đầu vào signals reinforce the relative weights of signal exchanges in a given neural circuit.
The electoral majority the government rests on is top-down, not bottom-up, & thus is not one created by the voters" expressed preferences.
The column was subjected to lớn several cycles of top-down freezing và thawing lớn simulate an active layer.
It is an account of the dangers of blueprint, top-down development & its focus on scientific control.
All the rich associations of "top-down" control were built into the discourse và nowhere questioned.
Increasing the information nội dung of input đầu vào representations minimizes the potential necessity for top-down processes.
Along with top-down support and reasonable expectations, here are further components in initial planning.
Produce by these small farmers was marketed either by " top-down-created " co-operatives or state owned crop authorities.

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The richness of these bottom-up sources of redundancy leaves little room for any top-down sources to lớn improve the phonological yield.
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an unusual piece of kích hoạt in a film, or an entertainment on a stage, created by using particular equipment

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